Kent is the perfect man. He typically likes things such as fishing and futsol. He has beautiful hair, fashion sense and a great sense of humour. He is a kind hearted man and someone you don’t want to let down. He has a wide range of vocabulary and quotes which help you through the day and always cheers you up. Kent is the perfect husband, and every human wants to be like him.
Maxy: There he is, Kent, isnt he beautiful
Cobrah Kai: Yeah, his hair is great today
by Mason is poo September 21, 2020
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Often meaning the guy you have fallen in love with and hope to marry. Someone you dream of often.
He's so wonderful, he's my Kent.
by Define-it November 17, 2008
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Very sexy guy, can knock out a guy in less than 10min, very good in sex, likes to adventure, always has ways of getting girls, tall, likes music, smart, loud, gets nervous, very loyal, can get irritating
Kent is very wonderful
by Ncjsks July 15, 2017
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He is an honorable man, believe in chivalry, and his mother taught him well. A white and black kind of guy, and very kind. Believes in justices, if he was a Super Hero he will be Captain America. He will kick anyone’s rear end if you try to mess with him or anyone he knows. Very sensual and sexy but a very Loyal man. He is smart, not arrogant. Successful even if he can’t see it. Tall and lovely, but loud at times. He is Funny in a way that you want to laugh and kiss him at the same time. Overall a Kent is the man of your dreams, the one you bring home to your mom because you know she will simply approve and love him. The one you want to spend every day of the rest of your life with and making happy, because you know he will do the same for you. Not perfect but a God Fearing man. Kent is a man that you will regret if you let slips through your fingers.
Wow, she has a KENT in her hands.
by Caramel Diamond January 4, 2020
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An annointed sexual diety.
OMG! That... was... AMAZING! You're such a Kent!
by kinsmuccok October 29, 2008
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A home county in the south-east of England. Though typically associated with chavs, this is not the case. Only areas such as Maidstone, Chatham or Tovil are notoriously so. Nicknamed 'The Garden of England, it is well known for having good weather and nice landscapes, coupled with a thriving apple harvest. Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Royal Tunbridge Wells are named some of the most desirable areas to live because of commuter connections, schools and history. Overall a very respectable area and a pleasant place to live.
by thewomantwicedead February 3, 2014
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The man who all other men are judged by. Huge penis, ripped bod, super clever and all around stellar person.
If he were any better, he would be Kent.
by haoleboy77 July 7, 2011
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