A french slang word that can be used different ways. It comes from the arabic word balad meaning country, because many north africans have immigrated to France. In French it can mean your ancestral country in Africa or more precisely your specific region/village/whatever
Demain on part au bled
Tomorrow we will leave for the country
by ategua April 3, 2020
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Originated from jamaica. It was originally odopted by b-bois and mcs but has since been used by chavs and other forms of people. It is just a form of saying friend, mate, brov, cuz.

please do not intercept it as a chav word as it is not. Chavs just think they're b fo using it.
ite bled wots goin daan.

bled ur gonna get had

dont fuk wiv me bled
by jackbob October 31, 2005
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Same meanin as 'blud' or 'blad' - friend, or mate. But most commonly used by pussies finkin they are bad, and sometimes takin the mick out of bad mans.
"Oi bled, I tink I'm well ard look I go low batty too bled, ooh im too hot for ya"

*Bad man walks along*

"Oi, what da fuk u sayin blud hush ur teef yeah"
by Freestyler April 12, 2004
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a word used by people such as 'townies' & 'nars'. usualy means 'crew' or 'mates'
yo man wat'cha fink you doin'. ill go get mi bleds and bom ya 'ouse
by dedbled January 1, 2004
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(noun) the color ambiguity associated with the colors red and blue, especially when the possibility of being either color is in question.
"Hey Brandon and Ross, what if I saw this color as red but then you saw it as blue? Wouldn't that be weird?"

"I believe what you are referring to is 'bled'"
by Josh Burgess July 11, 2008
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people with a lisp may sometimes pronounce their R's as L's


The R usually becomes and L when it is the second letter, for instance :

free -> flee
break -> blake
Lispy Boi : ey man lets get some BLED "
Me : you what? don't you mean BREAD"
Lispy Boi : yeah, thats what i said, BLED
Me : Say your words right next time bud
by danky dank 69 December 27, 2018
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A bunch of sweaty mexicans (with the exceptions of a few members) from Tuscon, Arizona, that play post hardcore along the veins of the legendary Refused. Unlike most post hardcore bands, the bled's music can be described as "I cut you, not myself. *cuts person of a third party*"
Chris: How would you decsribe The Bled?

Robert: *does some action of violence unto a third party*

Chris: :D
by Robertz0r August 31, 2006
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