A part of an aeroplane that doesn't exist, but is broken. If it is broken, you must evacuate the plane. The Air hostesses will most likely try to pretend everything is fine. Everything is not fine, you must leave the plane immediately.
"There is a problem with the left Phalange"
by DonkeyBoy420 August 6, 2019
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Highly effective fictitious surname. See also: Regine Phalang' and Princess Conzuelo Banana Hammock.
by Regina PhalangeSee?! It works! November 30, 2012
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A very important part of an airplane. A brain doctor, or a businesswoman (who was in Conference Room B)
REAL DEFINITION:- Phalanges are the bones at the tip of our fingers (probably why Phoebe knew it). It can also mean troops moving in a synchronized manner, like a single unit.
Phoebe Buffay: Hello, my name is Regina Phalange. I'm a businesswoman in town on business.
Random person with glasses: Oh my god! This plane doesn't even have a phalange!

Sane Person: I think I broke a phalange!
by littleharmonica January 3, 2021
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Phalange is the upper class synonym of bussin.
What you would say if something was really good.
tay- i didnt know yo mama could cook this good!

jj- yea her food is so phalange
by frasey July 25, 2021
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An infection caused during week 7 of pregnancy where the fetus is infected in the phalange area. This causes the 2nd and 3rd finger to be connected and the 4th and 5th finger the same way.
Jack: Dude, that that chick has phalangeitis!

John: Totally, her fingers are totally messed up!
by Fjdkfjdjd April 30, 2012
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Something according the Phoebe in 'Friends' claims that Rachel's plane is missing, to stop her flying.
"You have to get off the plane, I have the feeling that something is wrong with the left phalangee"... "Oh my GOD... there's NO phalange!"
by youbrokemytaco March 6, 2008
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The lingering life infection sustained from going down on a vitriolic cunt too early in the piece
Jonny wished he had thrown a few mentos down the shoot before plunging his face and future into the vitriole. We dont see Jonny anymore, phalangitis has him by the balls
by Senator Palpatations April 9, 2018
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