Contrary to what many think, the "upper class" is not always the richest of the rich, and they are not necessarily conservative.

For example, Bill Gates, despite being one of the richest men on the planet, does not really fit in with the traditional American upper crust. As far as politics, the Boston Brahmins, who are the epitome of "upper class," were liberal.
"Jackie Onassis was upper class but poor." - Paul Johnson, in his book A History of the American People
by hater123 April 17, 2007
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The richest of the rich. Those who need not work again. Diveded into new money and aristocracy. Always conservative.
Move out of the way, the upper class want you house.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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The Upper Class defines many different subspecies of humans (despite the small percentage of the population) of mainly two areas, Old Money and New Money.

The first species (Homo Republicanus) generally consists of old money. Homo Republicanus are generally very stubborn and angry and shouldn't be interacted with directly. They complain that the working class (they are called working for a reason) need to get off their lazy asses and should get harvard diplomas, afterall the upper class are working hard playing golf and paying their servants. Homo Republicanus believes that the liberals are communist and consider anyone below them in social class to be filthy peasants.

The second species (Nouveau riche Anubis) consists of more new money. Bill Gates would be an example, as well as many other people that have worked hard to become rich. Many people in this group are discriminated against by species such as Homo Republicanus because they aren't inbred and because they "intentionally" weren't born into the Upper Class. Although "new money" generally has more importance than Homo Republicanus because most of them have contributed to society instead of inherit wealth.
"Ew! Mother, why are we driving through a landfill?"- A young Upper Class person driving through an upper-middle class neighborhood in a lamborghini

"Those liberal commies. Why should the poor people have rights and taxes lower than us?"- An Upper Class Homo-republicanus complaining about people with less money than him
by Jag140 July 9, 2011
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Rich dickheads that care only for money and are selfish. They don't care about anyone lower than them and they will shelter their offspring to the point where their offspring turns up their noses at the lower class, to the point of where the lower class usually gets out whatever weaponry they have to hand and bludgeons the upper class offspring. Upper class people are usually to be found throwing events of high social status such as garden parties and lavish functions such as those, which are best avoided.

Upper class people are also highly bigoted and will boast of how good they are to every single person around them who is rich and idiotic enough to believe that bullshit. They like to spend heaps on unnecessary shit like designer clothes, latest toys/gadgets, fast cars.
Ricky: 'Did you see that upper class person on the news the other day? She was complaining about how the poor people make her house smell with all their filth.'
Dicky: 'Next time she complains I'll go round to her house and break her nose.'
by KTV484 January 7, 2014
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Upper Class Mentality is seen often, if not primarily, from middle class individuals. It is the attitude that they are a huge success and all others are inferiors. People with an UCM (pronounced You-See-Em) generally drive a slightly better than average vehicle, and have a slightly nicer than average home, while looking down at those who have not acheived this "status". These folks are very prone to bankruptcy and heartbreak once they realize they truly are not better than everyone they look down upon. This is a chronic condition, and coming to this realization may never actually happen. Keep your eyes open, you see em? :)
Susie: Hey Joe, look at that arse with his nose up in the air driving his big SUV. You see em tailing that guy in his rusty old car?
Joe: Yep, he definitely has an Upper Class Mentality.

John: Why does Larry always act like he is better than everyone, and talk about his boat? I hear he can barely afford his payments.
Wolfgang: Yep, he is a UCM.

A suburbanite is a great definition/example of someone with an Upper Class Mentality
by drocco21 February 19, 2014
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While "ratchet" has to do with someone from the ghetto, "Upper Class Ratchet" is a rich daddy's girl who wants her entire life to be a fairy tale. She wants to live in a mansion, meet her prince charming, and have only the finest things in life. She is usually very snobby and thinks the world owes her a debt of gratitude.
Madelyn: What is Rachel doing?
Joanne: She's fighting with another rich bitch over a $30,000 Gucci handbag.
Madelyn: That is SO Upper Class Ratchet.
Joanne: Totally. That snob needs a reality check!!
by lucaseddie April 18, 2014
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A promiscuous young girl, who has the body & the smarts. This girl can, will & has "won" or "stolen" the boyfriend of another girl who obviously wasnt good enough! Because the new gf is better than the last one, the boyfreind left the old gf for the much better new one. But of course the old (before) gf "tries" her best to make a come back, so she calls the new (after) gf a whore.
The "Upper Class Whore" can get almost any guy she wants, but is disliked by the other girls because she knows shes better than them.
Betsy: "you stole my bf you bitch!"
Lily: "he left you because im better than you!"
Betsy: " your just a Whore!!"
Lily: "A upper class whore obviously which i take pride in!"
by neteasha October 23, 2008
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