what you would say if something was really good.
tay- i didnt know yo mama could cook this good!
jj- yea her food be bussin
by askaboutmiraa December 17, 2017
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"bussin"is an adjective used when something is so f*ckin good. usually when people say "bussin", they are talking about food.
"is it bussin, janelle?"
"that sh*t was bussin! i just had to take another bite"
by whoreforcheesecake March 18, 2021
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when something tastes really good.
Person A: Wow these chocolates are really good.
Person B: Is it BUSSIN'?
by DJ Catto April 5, 2021
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This is a catch-all word to express something that's really good, pleasant, cool, etc. It can be used to describe a fancy new car, a 5-star hotel, fine looking ass, delicious food, anything really.
Example 1:
"Man this tropical resort do be bussin, they literally have everything!"

Example 2:

"Yo do you see that ass over there?"
"Yeee, that ass is bussin"

Example 3:
"Grandma's baked mac n cheese is hella bussin"
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian November 13, 2021
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new definition for tight or cool
Yo your new shoes are bussin.
by pretty boi Mack August 14, 2006
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something annoying white people say on tiktok when they’re desperate for views
someone: *eats*
white person: IS THAT BUSSIN BUSSIN??)?\€\!~£
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is it bussin” STFUUUU
by topazz99 May 6, 2021
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