A thong for your schlong
What is a Sasquatch doing wearing a banana hammock at a little girl's birthday party?
by Lugiratina July 29, 2014
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A speedo, undergarments that hold your meat pole in a sling
"Dude, did you see that fat old bastard at the pool wearing a banana hammock?
by Pinp nasty August 16, 2008
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a phrase used to break uncomfortable silences or used to break up a hostile argument. ( as seen on scrubs where cox and his ex wife are arguing and j.d interjects with "BANANA HAMMOCK")
1st person - "your a s*%t"
2nd person - "your a F&%^n biatch"
Interjectable period
3rd wheel - "BANANA HAMMOCK!"
by CD and IAIN April 23, 2006
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I bought my man a banana hammock yesterday for our trip to the Bahamas.
by I'mNotGoth May 30, 2016
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A type of underwear worn by high school football players trying to get a competitive edge on their competition by wearing less fabric, therefore creating less friction.
Bro, sweet game last night!

Ya dude, it was all thanks to our banana hammocks!
by Douglass Banana Team September 11, 2009
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The art of draping toilet paper from one side of the toilet bowl to the other side horizontally, and while the paper is rested and hanging in position, drop a log onto the toilet paper. the log now sits in the 'hammock' and can be trusted around the room
Mark: I just created a sweet banana hammock bro.

Kev: Oh sweet bro did you thrust it yet

Mark: Fuck yea
by Davo258 April 13, 2016
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A men's style of undergarment that holds the genitalia in a sling-like hammock apparatus, allowing the meat knot to protrude offensively. Favored by greasy Europeans at the beach, and even greasier weightlifters during competition and posedown sessions.
When I was swimming at the Y the other day, this hairy Italian hedgehog was hanging out at the pool all day showing off his silky red banana hammock.
by D-MAC January 6, 2004
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