A male appendage primarily used for procreation and hitting people. Can be up to 18 inches depending on your mood.
Ian hit his enemy with his 18 inch penses before adjusting his wig.
by MikeIan December 12, 2019
to be pensive
i"m pensing.
by kinkydink May 16, 2011
dick drawn on with pens
hahahaha lets pense that douche while hes sleeping on the sex couch
by adam zmija July 22, 2010
Denying or rebuking with a condescending, dismissive smile. Sometimes accompanied by a slight of the head.
Finally emerging to address a crowd of mothers demanding to know if their water supplies had been poisoned, the mayor's pensing demeanor only increased frustration for the citizens.
by AisforAbortion October 11, 2016
A slight tap, which is often misconstrued by the attacker to be a full on, climactic punch.
Robert: Dude, I heard you got hit by Daniel today!
Alex: Don't worry man, it was only a Pense Punch.
by DJ-Athens October 1, 2009
Female blogger named Naomi. Complains a lot, yet very lovable.
I just followed Je-Pense-Que-Je-Taime, she keeps complaining about Harvest Moon.
by lolfagjk August 20, 2011
To be in a deep state of anxiety whether to be left alone with a woman that is not your wife
Pensative: Pensation overtook Mike when he realized that his wife or his male companions were nowhere to be found and he was about to be left alone with his assistant .... a female!!!
by KG-LESGAFT February 25, 2021