Heretical mutation of Christianity that teaches there are no objective truths, and that Christian worship consists of deep breathing exercises and sycretism with pagan and non-Christian religions.
Driscoll used to be emerging, but over the years he has come to his senses.
by Smurf Breath April 2, 2007
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1) the new wave of post-modern christianity.
2) a church trying to go back to the roots of early christianity in its practices and beliefs.
3) said of the type of organic services practiced in emerging churches
4) people trying to live christianity in its purest form without the cultural baggage of the american christian right.
5) Church for people who hate going to church
1) Wow! That acoustic, candlelit, church service with painting during worship was mad emerging.
2) Man, I'm tired of God being politicized into a certain party. Hey, let's go worship at that emerging church.
by Kimpy April 22, 2008
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a doujinshi made by an artist called "shindol".
normie: hey who's this Saki Yoshida?

some guy on the internet: Oh, she's from Emergence, simply go to this link,
by suzutski December 18, 2018
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Emerge is the cheaper version of lucozade you get round the side shop. Most of the time they will be in a roadmans pocket. It is normally 50p. The blue is shit. The green is shit. The purple and orange are BEAST
Emerge is an energy drink only level 3 roadmen are permitted to drink
by ThePoseiden.1243 December 3, 2019
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A piece of graphic literature that revolutionized the world of degenerates and connoisseurs. The lesser-known but official name of 177013, which it is more commonly known as. Many have found it an alternative to D.A.R.E.
Degenerate #1: Hey, did you read Emergence yet?
Degenerate #2: Yeah, it was amazing.
by Coffepot October 10, 2018
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somthing that is serious and not calling someone at 3 a.m to ask you what to wear to a party thats in 13 more hours.
mandy: this is a emergency
mandy: so what should i wear to the party the blue or pink top.

kim: it's 3 in the morning, wear the blue top
mandy: thanks kim, you are the only one that didn't cuss me out and tell me to go back to sleep
kim:whatever go back to sleep
by poCkadotslotz June 2, 2010
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An extremely dire situation that justifies using the parental emergency credit card.
We couldn't get into the club over Memorial Day Weekend, so we were forced to use Mom's emergency credit card to buy bottle service.
by The Fieldy May 28, 2014
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