A moment of pure bliss. Sexually, or socially. The highest point of excitement.
"Damn, that was a climactic finish!"
by TWBGW June 2, 2014
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verb, \kli-mak-ting\

The act of faking sexual climax, or orgasmic moment
"Did you even cum last night with Jim?"

"Give me a break, I was just climacting"
by godless_brother February 17, 2014
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Word made up by Tai, and has Mongolian roots, like Tai. Just ask her I guess...
That movie was climactful - Tai
by mrvenusk98 October 11, 2014
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causing disappointment at the end of an exciting or impressive series of events.
"it was an anti-climactic finish to the match"
by Debx January 18, 2020
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when someone is masturbating, while in the middle of discretion, and they synchronize the orgasm and there splash back.
oh mummy, I had a climactic splash back today
by BigDkKings December 15, 2016
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Also known as C-Rig. It is a mid-sex climactic phenomenon in which a participant reaches orgasm while incurring a series of pleasurable, voluntary, and yet debilitating full body muscular contractions.
The sweet young thing went full climactic rigor mortis on me. I almost had to give her a mouth piece.
by Lord of Thirst January 31, 2020
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