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Someone who has an intense love for pens. Not to be confused with pedophile.
A penophile is anyone who knows the name and brand of their most and least favorite pens.
by shyder April 16, 2009
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a person who collects pens. Need not be fancy pens and includes those who inadvertantly picks up other person's pens and forgets to return them. Generally has a stash of a wide variety of types of pens in drawers, coffee mugs and the bottom of the washer.
Andrew, being a penophile, adroitly picked up the server's pen, signed his check, then pocketed the pen to add to his collection.
by A. Townsend August 14, 2007
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A Penophile is a person who will use pen for writing everything during school or work. Not to be confused with a pedophile, a penophile will always demand a pen, in a specific color usually, to write, except on Scantron tests or during Math class, because they absolutely need a pencil.

A penophile using a pencil is identified by their uses of crossing off words even with an eraser.
Penophile: Do you have a pen I can borrow?

Person: Is pencil okay?

Penophile: I don't know, is keying a dick on the side of your car okay?

Person: But it's a Ticon...

Penophile: Ugh...fine...
by cee-em-kay May 24, 2011
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(n). Lover of male genitelia, specifically the penile shaft; loving the penis to the point of obsession
The ho at da club was such a penophile, even R Kelly wouldnt touch dat.
by jkatface May 14, 2014
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