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A pearl colored substance with the consistency of Jam.

semen cum jiz
She fashioned a Pearl Necklace, out of his Pearl Jam.
by Real Pseudonym March 14, 2019
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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If you came in here with a black light, you'd find pearl Jam residue coating most of the readily accessible surfaces.
by stfc May 23, 2018
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The name of a famous Seattle band, but more importantly, think about it, Pearl Jam...

A clever slang name for semen, has the consistency of jam and a pearl color. Definitely cum.
Pal: "You fuck Sarah last night?"

Guy: "No doubt, busted my pearl jam in her face."

Pal: "haha you sick fuck, I envy you."
by nhumb March 02, 2010
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1. Kick-ass band that hail from Seattle, who write and perform brilliant 'guitar music' (not just Rock). Release reasonably priced 'official' bootlegs of all their concerts (discounted to fan club members) to beat the black-market scum.

2. Semen.
1. I went to see Pearl Jam at Wembley. It was the best concert I have ever attended.

2. Hey girl, would you like me to spread some Pearl Jam on your buns?
by Jay April 16, 2004
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