the greatest fucking band in the whole world.... that's why i've got Ed Ved in my head.
Rachel's life goal is to have all the Pearl Jam concert bootlegs ever released.
by Rokinfreeworld December 30, 2003
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a. A rock group whose musical quality is far greater than their popularity

b. A rock group whose popularity would be greater if one of its members committed suicide a lΓ‘ Kurt Cobain
That band is such a Pearl Jam: they're great, but nobody gives a shit.
by Duke Guillermo March 09, 2006
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1. Shiny and white like pearls, sticky like jam, if you didn't already know: it's semen.

2. Probably one of the worst "Grunge" bands, or at least one with the worst influence on "Modern Rock" bands from the mid 90's onwards.
"It's sad that when people think of Pearl Jam, they think of that band instead of the fluid which carries with it the potential for human life."

"Anna enjoyed some pearl jam last night"
by RKFS December 07, 2007
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A band formed by a former first wave grunge band Greenriver's lead guitarest Stone Gossard and bassest Jeff Ament. Vocalist Eddie Vetter joing shortly after the formation.
Specializing in a lighter more pop form of true grunge they were able to pull in more sales then any other third wave grunge band of the 90s. Created such commercial hit albums as Ten, Vs., And Vitology. And created a number of arty rock albums to further seclude themselves from the public eye.
Also known as the Seattle Sellouts for having an extremely radio friendly sound that was barely reminesent to grunge roots and for profitting off of hundreds of unnessecary live albums.
Pearl Jam is only around because people want them to be Ten again
by levicom November 25, 2004
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Guys that usually pretends to be in summer using shorts, even if its is winter in Seattle.
Eddie Vedder is one of those old boys using shorts, tell him it is winter and he is 43 y old.

....ohh, you are talking about those skaters called Pearl Jam?

by internani February 01, 2007
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Pearl Jam are a fine example of an awesome band.

These 'awesome bands' are very endangered these days, especially since John Lennon died and Ke$ha started raping the charts.
Now, despite the Y2K bug and Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam are one of the best creations of the 90's as they eclectically combine grunge with heavy rock with soft accoustic guitars with the coolest voice possible.

The best of the best songs are:
Even Flow
Yellow Ledbetter
Just Breathe

Pearl Jam conquer about 90% of my iPod and have about 40 tribute bands, which is always good!
I hate Pearl Jam, but then again I'm an obese anti-christ homo who digs Nickelback.
How many people did I offend there...?
by choco-mango November 28, 2010
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An American rock band formed in Seattle in 1990 which rose to become one of the best and most influential bands of modern times. Widely associated with grunge music, Pearl Jam also includes elements of classic rock, alternative rock, garage rock, post-grunge, and experimental rock. Easily recognizable by the bluesy guitar work of lead guitarist Mike McCready and the deep grungy voice of Eddie Vedder. Frontman, lead singer, and occasional guitarist Eddie Vedder is also an environmentalist and conservationist, which makes him badass.
Often hated by people such as modern rock and nu-metal fanboys, as well as a small group of grunge "fans" who claim that Pearl Jam sold out their roots, which, of course is not true... they simply adapted their music to the messages they want to spread. Many people say that Pearl Jam never made a good album after Ten, but of course these people have never heard any of their songs other than their radio hits. People can't seem to give any reasons why they dislike Pearl Jam without making themselves look like immature assholes, simply because it is impossible to dislike Pearl Jam if you sit down and listen to them.
Most well known for their songs Alive, Even Flow, Jeremy, Yellow Ledbetter, Betterman, Daughter, Just Breathe, and their cover song Last Kiss.
Creator of great unknown gems like Oceans, Tremor Christ, Garden, Last Exit, 1/2 Full, I Am Mine, Off He Goes, etc.
Person 1:Dude I went to a Pearl Jam concert yesterday
Person 2: How was it?
Person 1: It was awesome as usual, I heard Given to Fly, I Am Mine, and Oceans, which are all my favorite songs

Person 1: -walks in wearing Pearl Jam shirt-
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Their music after Ten is all retarded and ugly and silly and stinky like your mom and Eddie Vedder is a stupid stinkypants dumbhead
Person1: -plugs in iPod and plays "Brain of J." by Pearl Jam
Person 2: -silenced-
by IwishIwasStoneGossard May 05, 2011
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