1. a candy bar
2. teh day on which you get paid
3. an erection
4. to blow your load
i was eating a Payday tm on payday, when i say this beutiful body, so i got an emidiate payday. I walked over, found out she was a hore, so i bought her services. 3 mins latter i paydayed
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
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"Man, My date last night rocked. We sat outside of the Church and she gave me a payday before we went in."
by Joshua Dylans April 26, 2008
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Most of us know as a Money day some of us know it as a candy bar and rarely do people think of it as that one board game at your grandmas house but have you ever heard of the payday with the doughnut and the weenier trick is to shoot the wiener over the pancakes to get extra points and if it the wiener goes in the wrong hole you loose points. It’s a pretty fun game
Him:Do you play payday??
Her: Which version?
Him: oh you know I love the 2nd version of payday!!
by 1radbrad1 October 10, 2019
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