To loose your mind; go crazy; go nuts; a reference to the candy bar that chock-ful-o' nuts
When I told Gidget that I saw her boyfriend Dirk kissing a cheerleader, she went all pay-day on me
by Dash Panache November 20, 2008
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Crazy. Completely nuts. Soft on the inside nuts on the outside.
from the candy bar that is covered in peanuts.
I just saw Travis doing cartwheels naked down the street. Clearly, he's gone Payday on us.
by PRCPortalet November 20, 2008
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The worst candy bar ever invented. Consists of a piece of caramel or something covered in nuts. Tastes like shit.
Keep that Pay Day shit away from me.
by dr. ake November 01, 2005
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While having sex with a girl just before you're about to come you run to the girls purse and release the ejaculate into it while simultaneously shouting "Payday!"
Dave, "Hey man I heard you were hanging out with Krissie last night." Curtis, "Yeah dude it was her Payday for sure."

Jeff, "Man, I gave Sara the biggest Payday last night!" Dave, "Damn she's probably never going to call your ass again"
by BDMD June 09, 2011
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one of the livest games to come out of milton bradley's board game line since topple
me and LaCourteous was finna play payday when bof we aunts made us go to Aldi and search for the cheapest sales on Good N' Plenty
by Big Country Kellogg September 05, 2008
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A poop that has more than 50% corn in it, thus resembling the Payday candy bar.
Kenny had a great cookout, I just dropped a payday.
by Carl hungo October 27, 2016
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