Slang shorthand, meaning a guy's penis, especially when he's hard.
As they cuddled on the couch, Courtney, suddenly horny, turns to her boyfriend and asks, "Can I suck your hard, baby?"
by MTJ78257 February 1, 2015
A phrase used scornfully & contemptuously to someone who keeps making their interest in a subject or person especially apparent.

Can be - and often is - shortened to HYH.
Guy: Atsuko is so hot! Have you seen her new character designs? They're really hot. Don't you think Atsuko is the most hot? She is. She's the hottest, Atsuko.

James (rolls eyes): Hide your hard-on, mate.

Guy: Don't you guys love Sakura Wars? It's so cool.

James:'s OK. We were actually just discussing British escapes from Colditz.

Guy: Oh my god! That's EXACTLY like Sakura Wars! Did you know that-

James: HYH.
by Lunettarose July 4, 2010
When someone's act gangster or thuggish when there really not.
Michael: " Ill pistol whip yo ass if u dont give me my $5"

Sarah: " You think your hard?! I grew up on eating cereal for breakfast and supper under a cardboard roof!"
by yaweirdoyou March 16, 2015
Male Masturbation, beating off, coraling the tadpoles. Popular with the computer geeks.
If you had to work on Gretchen's computer, you would have to go defrag your hard drive too.
by BrandonC March 24, 2006
1) to laugh so much that your dick gets hard
2) to get a hard-on or erection from a dirty or kinky joke
Acronym: LYDH
Pete: This joke will really Laugh Your Dick Hard.
Pete: How do rednecks tell if a girl is old enough to marry?
Joe: I don't know.
Pete: Stand her in a barrel. If her head is above the rim, she's old enough. If it isn't above the rim, cut the barrel down a little.
by galen_gris October 26, 2011
To remain optimistic and in good spirits even in hard times, while also staying composed and ready for anything.
by Ginger Snappah Head October 6, 2021