Originated from white nationalist Communities on Telegram as a slang for someone getting exposed for Grifting By Grift Patrol.
You: hey dude what do you think happened to Channel XYZ?

Me: yeah i think they got exposed for grifting and got Patrolled
by LostBudFud January 11, 2021
Searching for a spot to do you. Seeking a destination to perform a particular and in few cases ethically questionable action.
"Paul got some flowers, let's get patrolling in the park for a sesh."

"There is too many ratchets patrolling the club tonight."
by SpliffBoom March 4, 2014
When a writer of an online article or blog post starts or finishes a piece with pre-emptive responses to the trolling s/he is expecting to see in the comments.
Jane decided she'd better patroll her post by adding this statement at the end:

Before you start trolling in the comments and saying nobody cares, remember that this is the answer to a question I get in half of the messages from my readers.
by GoGopher February 20, 2014
In order to stay up-to-date on everyone's personal business, the intrusive nosy co-worker regularly went out on patroll throughout the office
by Higley September 16, 2009
The code word you use when you are stealing things from kids at school. Mostly used for pens and pencils.
I hope I can patrol that pen from our teacher before the end of the period.
by Jeff Cooke September 27, 2006
Patrol is a slang term for theft or the act of stealing.
"i just patroled this new pen from that nerd"
by wtc September 24, 2006
A great 4wd that has stronger running gear and more capability then a Toyota Land Cruiser. At a fraction of the cost of a Land cruiser and doesnt require a inflated ego or a blind pledge of allegiance to the Brand cult Toyota to drive. Pre-hostoric engineering big price tags and under powered engines to help keep their reliability claims seem some what real. If your lucky the dealerahip wont charge for airconditioning.
Dave bought a 2017 crusier and it came with 1x cup holder for $80,0000 he couldnt afford the bull bar or tow pack though. He also blew a diff and got towed by a old patrol that went futher.
by Sk3ptikal August 30, 2017