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A shameless, selfless act by an employee that is designed to kiss the ass of the boss so that the boss becomes even fuller of himself than he was prior to the maneuver.
Suck Ass Employee - "Hey boss, I have an idea that I think could enhance our profile among institutional investors. By the way, speaking of profile, you look like you’ve really been throwing the weights around. That Missoni sweater looks like it was made for you.”

Boss – “Don’t be silly Chaz. Anyway it was made for me last week when I was in Milan."

Suck Ass Employee - "I could tell! Are we still on for squash this afternoon? I want revenge after how badly you beat me our last time out.”

Boss – “We’re on. By the way, I’m starved. What’s that in your hand?"

Suck Ass Employee – “ It’s a scone baked by my great aunt. She flew back to England last night and made some before she left. This is the last one. Take it, it’s yours.”
Bystander - "That disgusting suck ass just executed the hindlick maneuver."
by Higley April 01, 2010

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a recon mission by a neurotic control freak
In order to stay up-to-date on everyone's personal business, the intrusive nosy co-worker regularly went out on patroll throughout the office
by Higley September 16, 2009

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The olifactory sensation that occurs when a large overheated woman wearing full panty hose removes her pumps and waddles around the office with only nylons covering her smelly feet.
Sean: I know that's not perfume I'm smelling!

T. Rex: Au contraire, that's just Cathy's eau de toe crude'
by Higley July 11, 2011

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An older woman's hairstyle that resembles the aerial home where one might find a mother pigeon feeding her young. Its full expression occurs after a haircut (poofed), some spray and a quarter mile ride in an open-topped dragster, sans helmet.
Lou: "Check out the do on that old bat three rows down. It looks like there's something living in there!"
Cathy: "You're right. It's an example of a Nestus Pigeonus. She'd look right at home on the side of a cliff!"
by Higley August 04, 2011

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A middle-aged womens' hairstyle which is identified by its shape and the fact that it can remain still, even in the force of a wind tunnel.
After a hard night of partying, Trixie woke up on the floor, shook her head several times and her helmut was as good as new.
by Higley September 21, 2009

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