Midnight, aka "four balls". In military time, this is the first minute of the day.
"What time is it?"
by censored711man July 1, 2015
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The password for the most retarded persons phone.
Man 1 whats your password
Man 2 0000
Man 1*breathes in* BOI
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The Unicode null character, , which often terminates a null-terminated string. Its mere presence in a string (outside the end) will always cause software bugs. I tried to include the character itself (faulty PDF OCR from an underlined “가”, confirmed through a Unicode converter), but it would always cause UD to error (obviously).

I used empty brackets because I tried to insert the actual character, but Urban Dictionary would always
This character U+0000 is impossible to get into a string, and if inserted into a URL by %00, can unlock a security vulnerability called null byte injection
by iliketoshitmypants69 August 11, 2019
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A number that appears on telephones mysteriously at night when no one is around.

Usually it's a government spy trying to get a hold of you.
"Hey, that's wierd... I just got callled by a number 000-000-0000!"

"Don't answer, it's a government spy!"
by RaidenPrime May 26, 2009
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