When something happens to you that is considered by many to be an extremely rude breach of social standard. This includes getting dissed, getting slapped, being swiftly rejected by a girl you've been making advances on, when someone or something causes unnecessary hardship, or even being ignored my your mum. In short, it is getting demoralised. Hard.

The term was popularised by London rapper Tempa-T, with his song 'Next Hype'.

It is possible that Par is a derivative of the term Faux Pas, which in french literally means a 'False Step' against the established norm.
Ricky: Yo gal you lookin kinda nice tonight, mind if i get you a drink?
Girl: Errr...get out of my face, don't talk to me. I think you need some aquafresh as well, cos your breath is kickin! Dem trainers aint real either.
Ricky's mate: Ricky Bruv, you just got parred.


Ricky: Eh Mum! What you cookin' tonight? Smells taaassty!!!
(no response)
Ricky: Mum...Mum?! Ah allow it.
Ricky's mate: Ricky bruv, you just got parred, by your own mum.


Ricky: Ah allow it..
Ricky's mate: Par.

Ricky's mum: Ricky, go shops and get me a coke and some skittles. Maybe some skips as well. Fuck it, i'll right you a list.

Ricky: Where is it?

Ricky's mum: 'Bout half hour away, if you hop on a bus.
Ricky: Mum, i aint got money for the bus.

Ricky's mum: Walk then.

Ricky: Ah allow it, thats long
Ricky's mate: Ricky Bruv, you keep gettin' parred.
by RickyRankin' April 15, 2010
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Standard, or regular. The average for any given scale.
All the definitions of this word are for slang variants or mispronounciations? That's par for the course around here.
by Fellow Language Butcher September 27, 2015
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The redneck pronounciation of power, usually used after white, declaring your white heritage
two rednecks riding down the road yelling "white par" to other rednecks, they reply "white par"
by fat tree November 03, 2009
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A small town/village hybrid in East Cornwall, UK. Unlike it's smaller cousin village Tywardreath, Par is mildly entertaining, if only in the form of the casual crime perpetuated by the Year 10's and 11's of nearby Fowey School.

The rise of casual crime in Par went relatively unnoticed by the inhabitants until an innocent man was beaten to death on Par Beach by four drunken thugs. Since then there has been a spate of beatings, graffiti and general vandalism.

One common sight in Par is the continual circling of irritatingly loud mopeds and stupidly modified cars around the one way system. This is due to a lack of things to do in Par.

At night, common sights include gangs of 15-year-olds pretending to be gangsters getting drunk on a single can of Stella between them, and girls of the same age looking like shop dummies that have been spray painted orange.
Charlie: Let's go to Par!
Mate: Um, let's not. I find Par's huge amounts of inbred crack dealers and schoolboys casually vandalising cars quite a deterrant.
Charlie: Ah, that's true! Let's go to Plymouth instead.
by CharlieGiggles August 07, 2009
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An Asian guy💕that is very intelligent but not so smart😂 he can be rude and not even know it, but he will make you fall so deeply in love to the point that when the thought of losing him your heart drops. They can change your life and make you the happiest girl you never saw yourself as. Someone you would cry all night over and do it over and over again. He is someone you would want to marry, someone I’d call the man of my dreams. But with love comes expectations, par is a guy who expects you to do what he says. Like telling him everything and not to lie or to even eat and sleep. Without those expectations comes doubts, they will feel as if you let them down. Par is everything you wouldn’t want to lose.
Sooner or later you will find out not all good things last forever.
Does this even need an example?
Let’s just say, I love par<3
Even if he wants nothing to do with me anymore, I can’t stop thinking of him and I blame myself.
-love emy
by Emy😕 July 09, 2021
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Person #1: Come we go check Cam'ron before we go to the rave..

Person #2: Nah, that's a par
by Sexy Critikal August 30, 2008
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Golf term. Between a bogey and a birdie.
Oooh... that was almost a birdie!
by Arran January 03, 2005
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