French for "False Step."

A severe social blunder or major breach in etiquette. If the faux pas in question was unintentional it oftens leads to a very awkward and uncomfortable moment. If the faux pas in question was intentional the person who intentionally committed the faux pas in question is often loathed for an appropriate period of time (or bitch slapped). But- on a rare occasion the person the intentional faux pas was directed at might find it funny and laugh it off.
Unintentional Faux Pas:
During "Brighter Than Sunshine" -our last slow dance song- I went to kiss Miranda full on the lips. But apparently first base wouldn't be reached tonight. Instead she violently jerked away, her lithe body escaping my gasp. She looked at me with some kind of look that I'd never seen before. In it, it contained; desire, anger, and pity. The few seconds she stood standing there in front of me felt like enternity. Miranda, God bless her, ran away tears streaming out her eyes. Apparently when she said had taken my "Let's go to the dance together but just as friends" speech literally. I had intended it as a "We're best friends and have been for ages will you go out with me?"

Intentional Faux Pas (Type A):
When Kelsey took off her backpack at carpool and bent over to get the math notes I had missed out for me, Cameron made a serious Faux Pas of the first type. She was standing there, her heart-shaped butt innocently sticking out when he ran up and spanked it so hard I'm sure it bruised. For Christ's sake, doesn't he know we're in a Catholic school? Well he got what he deserved. His cheek was still bright red the next day from the bitch slap she gave him.

Intentional Faux Pas (Type B):
I watched as Keith stared directly at Kelly's hourglass body. Didn't he have any shame? Didn't he know how to do it the right way? The way she wouldn't notice. Beatrice -Kelly's "pleasently plump" best friend- noticed. Beatrice pointed it out to Kelly. But apparently Lady Luck wasn't letting Keith down today. Kelly laughed, took it as a compliment, and ran over and started making out with him. Maybe I should take notes for the next time I cross paths with Miranda's beautiful body.
by I listen to Indie Music January 28, 2007
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Faux Pas means literally translated 'False Step'
It is when someone make a 'Social mistake' such as doing something unaccepted or saying something wrong.
"Eric made a total Faux Pas last night when he bought a wine that the host of the dinner party didn't like'
by TeejM July 17, 2008
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Something some cunt says because they have a superiority complex that involves the complete and utter fucking inability to speak like a normal goddamn human being. The word literally means mistake. That's it. That's all it means. Say mistake, error, fuck up, anything... please. Cunt.
Oh Reginald, I do say, the ball you have thrown in your extraaaavagaaant abode is quite suiting, although I must proclaim, the curtains are definitely a Faux Pas. I apologize for my adamant mouth flatulence, and by apologize, I mean sorry not sorry. For I am better than you, and my choice of drapery would have more beige than your hideous plain Faux Pas white.
by LaserSharkSushi September 11, 2018
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1.) a social blunder
2.) a socially awkward of tactless act
blooper error blub gaffe misconduct mistake pratfall
by Mr. T March 22, 2005
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a mistake. (usually related to a poor form of social etiquette or misconduct.)
it is usually proper etiquette to use cutlery to bring food up to your mouth, and then chew with your mouth closed. especially at a fine banquet, anything less would be considered 'faux-pas'.
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A major breach of etiquette. In other words a social blunder.
Girl: Can I play the guitar next to Keith in church?
Boy (loudly so that every churchgoer in the congregattion can hear): So you fancy him them?
Now, my boy, that is a faux pas.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
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A faux pas literally means "wrong step" in French.
You could just use the term "fuck things up" instead, but if you wanna look classy, use "faux pas".
Ellie banged her best friend's husband but forgot her panties on the floor.
That was a faux pas .
Also, she got pregnant.
That's a faux pas as well.
She got AIDS.
Her partner made a faux pas.
by Cordylia March 4, 2016
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