Britain’s Ocean City in the South-West of England, Plymouth has the largest Naval Base in Western Europe. It can appear grey and dull, due to the rebuilding after WWII; the damage was huge and over1200 civilians killed. The ruin of Charles Church remains as a memorial to those killed and injured at that time. Despite a lack of investment by both Central and Local Government change is happening and, if you take the trouble to look, you will find a thriving arts, culture and music, vibrant nightlife and pubs and bars selling everything from ciders from Devon and Cornwall (they’ll knock your block off) to the best cocktails and champagne.

Plymouth people are accepting of strangers, polite and friendly, ask for help and you’ll get it. They are rightly proud of their city and the major part it played in two World Wars, so don’t diss it. Yes, Plymouth has within its boundaries a number of the peculiar life-form known as a chav but far fewer, per head of population, than London, Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool.

You’ll find the National Marine Aquarium there, a house that was built in the 1300s, excellent hotels and restaurants and many more things of interest. If you are from the USA, it’s the port the Pilgrim Fathers sailed and there are the places where they slept, had their last religious meeting and the bakery that sold them their last fresh bread, Britain’s oldest working bakery. So come and see what Plymouth has to offer.
I’m going to visit Plymouth, might even move there. Well, if it’s good enough for Chris Dawson, it’ll do me.
by AKACroatalin March 18, 2019
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Plymouth is a city without a cathedral in Devon, UK.

I am from Plymouth
Parts of Plymouth like North Prospect, Devonport and stonehouse are despicable, they are full of idiots and drunks. These are small areas so you rarely see them. Places like the Barbican and Hoe have beautiful scenery and beautiful features. Generally the locals around Plymouth are friendly.
The air is clean compared to London.
People in plymouth are not actually chavs that wear Burberry. Most people in Plymouth are of the working class.
We have a naval port and a university. There are lots of students around Plymouth.
People are generally happy to help if you ask politely.
Overall Plymouth is actually a lovely place to live!
We in Plymouth have a strong accent : Alright me luver,
by A Plymothian January 20, 2013
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An automobile marque made by the Chrysler Corporation. Was usually the #3 make of car in the "cheap three", Ford, Chevy(Chevrolet), and Plymouth. Unfortunately for many, DiamlerChrylser axed Plymouth in 2001, but some of its models, including the Prowler and Voyager, were absorbed into the Chrysler marque. (The Chrysler Voyager has since been discontinued)
Matt Hoopes named Relient K after his Plymouth Reliant K car.

The PT Cruiser was designed as a Plymouth.
by Mustang GT May 6, 2005
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A slowly disintegrating town in Massachusetts full of pill popping and dope sniffing wanna be thugs decked out in Hollister/Abercrombie clothes. Most kids' families came from somewhere and Boston and everyone claims their parents knew Whitey Bulger, thus their wannabe gangster facade
Yo, you see that Plymouth kid with the tricked out 98 Honda Accord? Probably not because he was eating his shoelaces he was so high.
by Reali November 12, 2014
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A city in the South west of England that makes you miserable the minute you decide to live there. If you decide to visit then the summer may hold some glimpse of satisfaction (the Barbican is nice)
Aside from the Chavs, Crack heads and alcoholics you can look forward to meeting stuck up Boots employees, elderly women that look like death walking due to the fumes being pumped from every corner of the city and pollution that hits you as soon as you take a deep breath.

The flower sales man outside of TK maxx shouting "Come on" every three seconds will try to scam you, and tramps will swear at you for saying "sorry mate" when being asked for change. Teenage yobbos, fat taxi drivers, middle aged single men and unattractive slags make up the night life with packs of asian men always on hand to slime their way into your/ your girlfriends underwear.
Steer clear of places like North prospect, Swilly and stonehouse due to the council estates overflowing with drug dealers, benefit spongers and skanks.

The job centre is under staffed and overcrowded. Gapped toothed job seekers fill the rooms to the brim

The local hotels treat there staff like shite, the food sold out of vans would kill you if you were to eat it for a week and the rubbish on the streets could fill new Zealand... twice

The rent you pay on a house could buy you a mansion elsewhere, wages are minimal and work goes unappreciated.

Overall, one of the worst places in the world to live.
I lives up plymufff yeh

Plymouth is a load of shite
by icecoldexe February 16, 2011
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The worst fucking town in America. The people are either extremly snobby or extremly ghetto. Also there is nothing to do but look at a totally gay overrated rock.
I'll blow my brains out if I don't get out of this god foresaken town.
by MDMA February 9, 2005
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A place where theres nowhere to skate and they dont let us skate anywhere else. Theres no skating signs all over the place and they put these stupid skate stoppers on most of the rails on most of the rails!
Everywhere. Just look around the town centre.
by Wouldnt u like to know March 19, 2004
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