She is nice and popular she does not like to get or be in drama she is caring and also really independent and she has so much talent last but not least she is beautiful!!
(Girl) Oh look thats Par she is talented and nice!!
by Lyla Marley June 02, 2020
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A chamorro word meaning "godfather of my children" but is mostly used in place of friend or homeboy.
"You par! You going to the party?"
by chamorroslang January 16, 2019
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Can be literally used for any situation and describes every single event. General word.
I went to school Pars.
Wassup my Pars.
For Pars Sake!
by asdsfdgfhjm May 17, 2018
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User 1:I was banned on this site. Hack them plz.
User 2: Is this a par?
by fkjdhakjhgqk April 29, 2016
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