even with...same as....
You can't par with me...
by Jah Lani August 15, 2005
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(v.) To disagree with someone's actions when they are offensive or disparaging towards you.

When somebody has offended you, or boyed you off, you should reply saying "par". It's similar in usage to allow, but you omit the pronoun, and this can only be used when somebody is offending you personally.
Excitable Friend: "Did you hear, Jonny had sex with your gash?"
You: "Par. I'm safe with him, though."
by Rahrahbahb December 09, 2009
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File used to recover RARs (or anything really, but mostly RARs) that you download *cough* legally *cough* from newsgroups, IRC, FTP\'s, etc. so you don\'t have to redownload the corruprt files again. You need a program like SmartPAR or QuickPAR to get these files workin.
Guy1: \"yo, my dev-rs3.r03 file is corrupt. Got any PARs?\"
Guy2: \"yea i do. theyre on the way\"
20 minutes later...
Guy1: \"thanks man, that recovered it perfectly and it extracted fine. you are teh r0xX0rZ!\"
by dreese9859 April 26, 2005
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a slang term for cocaine. for some reason this term is only known in Michigan. for waht fuckin reason i dont kno. par goes up your nose and sits on your brain. how awesome. also if you are in the sparta area you might wanna find a lil dude called Quallude. grams ounces pounds keys eigths balls whatthe fuck ever you need. purple to green to tan to white to brown to holy shit i think thats it
"hey yo, quallude hoook it up with some par."
by ternt July 13, 2005
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Pro Action Replay, a cheat engine for emulators and game consoles.
I'm going to use PAR on my copy of Earthbound because I'm lazy.
by Windx December 26, 2009
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Golf term. Between a bogey and a birdie.
Oooh... that was almost a birdie!
by Arran January 03, 2005
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