Another way of saying Murphy's Law.

Presumably comes from the cynical idea that one expects something to go wrong and things are going exactly as planned, just using golf as the analogy.
Person one: I'm able to answer the telephone all day and the minute I step out of the house to get the mail, that's when they call!

Person two: Well that's par for the course.


It's par for the course that the second I'm stepping out the door for a date that I get called into work.
by An optimist with experience April 29, 2005
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Term asking someone how many sexual partners they've had.

Interchangable with par for the hole
Dude: Hey whats the par for the course babe?
Chick: Six on the fairway, three on the back 9.

Dude: Wtf?
by jesus0f816 December 28, 2010
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