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When someone gets their pants pulled down to expose their underwear.
I was in middle school and during lunch when there wasn't any staff members in the cafeteria, someone pantsed me by pulling down my skirt and expose my strawberry shortcake panties.
by WedgiedGirl December 05, 2018
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To yank down someones pants without their consent, mainly used to embarass the person
I was walking through the halls in school, and out of nowhere, this guys comes behind me and yanks my yoga pants down, exposing my pink Hello Kitty panties with white frilly trimming to everyone in the hall. I was so embarrasses that I had unknowingly began to pee. Seconds later, it completely soaked my embarrassing undies, making the whole situation worse. That was the day I was pantsed at school.
by wedgiedundies February 10, 2014
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When one has their pants pulled down, but not their underwear. Only the pants come down.
We stared in amazement as Ryan got pantsed! We all got to see his tighty-whities!
by super hot Sarah May 19, 2010
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Getting your pants pulled down
I pantsed Carly in front of everyone at school the other day
by Coooorraaallll April 20, 2017
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When you're pants get pulled down to inflict embarrassment
When I was in middle school I was always getting pantsed in Front of girls they found it so funny to expose my tighty whites and sometimes they'll wedgie me and give me a swirly
by Wedgie boy124 November 01, 2019
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When a person or team are favourites to win a game or contest but are beaten by the underdogs, they are said to have been pantsed.

Used in southern Australian states
The Roos pantsed the Blues in Friday night's game.
by schem June 14, 2010
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