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When someone is hanged by their own underwear on a flagpole.
I remember someone gave me a flagpole wedgie after my first year of high school. I was just walking around campus saying bye to all my friends and someone gave said that they knew where the original flagpole was that had the american flag with only 13 stars. I followed them, being an idiot during that time and they stripped off my clothes and duct taped my mouth and hands. He saw my choice of underwear which was my favorite panties. I had on a matching hipster bra and panties that had hello kitty as the print. There was no use in trying to scream and he gave me a wedgie by attaching my underwear by the hook. He took off the tape that covered my mouth and fed me 2 bottles of water. He then covered my mouth again and rose up the hook by using the ropes and I was stuck hanging there. I peed myself because of the water and he just fed me more water. He took a couple pictures and left. Later I peed myself again and there was and there still is a stain from my pee. I wasn't found for 9 days when my parents found me. The bully kept me fed all those days. When my parents found me I was soiled
by WedgiedGirl December 7, 2018
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When someone gets their pants pulled down to expose their underwear.
I was in middle school and during lunch when there wasn't any staff members in the cafeteria, someone pantsed me by pulling down my skirt and expose my strawberry shortcake panties.
by WedgiedGirl December 5, 2018
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Hipster panties are a size or style of panties that have many cute prints.
I wear mostly hipster panties and I have so many cute prints like my favorite pair of hello kitty panties.
by WedgiedGirl December 7, 2018
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When someone is hanged from their underwear.

I am a girl and was a huge victim to wedgies.

And this is a true story.

I was in school one day wearing My Little Pony panties. And someone saw my panties sticking out from my shorts. Her and her friend stripped me while one covered my mouth with tape. They tied up my hands and then they hooked my panties onto the flagpole. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures of me in my bra and panties. I was embarrassed and then I ended up peeing myself. At the end of the day I thought they would let me down but they left me in my hanging wedgie and my panties were stretched and soaked. I stayed up there for an entire day until my parents found me.
by WedgiedGirl November 6, 2018
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When you pull somebody's underwear and put their feet in the leg holes.
I was in my freshman year and I was wearing musical notes print bra and panties. I ripped a hole in my pants because I bent over to pick up my backpack. The teachers just let out little giggles and they didn't tell me about it. The pants were two sizes under mine because they shrunk. So at the end of the school day, someone pantsed me and took off my shirt exposing my underwear and she knocked me over and pulled my underwear over my feet giving me a jock lock wedgie and she duct tape my hands and mouth. Everyone could see my underwear and my butt. She took a picture of me and then left. Nobody helped me out and they constantly were smacking my butt when I ended up peeing myself and everyone started laughing. I was so embarrassed.
by WedgiedGirl April 12, 2019
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When a victim's underwear is pulled over their head. Mostly done by bullies.

A bully picks their vitcim and these wedgies are easily done on us females. Get the victim's underwear and pull. Then keep pulling until the undies are near the victim's head. For extra effect give the victim this wedgie while they are only in underwear and if they are female then give this wedgie while they are in their bra and panties. After you pull them above their head, put their underwear over and on their head. You can tape their underwear on their head and it is better if the victim cannot see because of their undies on their head.
I am in my highschool years and I was stripped into my Disney "Frozen" bra and panties and given an atomic wedgie. People laughed at me because I was wearing "childish" panties and I was only wearing my bra and panties with plenty of people taking pictures. To make it worse I peed myself because of the wedgie I was stuck in.
by WedgiedGirl November 5, 2018
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Someone who pees themselves while sleeping.
I was 14 and I was a pretty small girl and I was wearing my pink hello kitty bra and panties to bed and I peed myself and in the morning my sister came in my room to wake me up and she saw that I peed myself so she called me a bedwetter. Then she drove to the store and bought diapers that was meant for babies and she put it on me over my panties. She went in my panties drawer and replaced it all with diapers. When I woke up I saw my pee on the bed and noticed the diaper. So she gave me a hanging wedgie be hanging me by my diaper. And she wouldn't stop calling me a bedwetter.
by WedgiedGirl February 3, 2019
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