The process of sticking someone's head in the toilet and flushing
I gave that retard a swirly!
by 2dFx December 9, 2002
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swirly pushing someones head in a toilet and flushing it
the school bully gave his victim a swirly pushing his head in the toilet and flushing the toilet on his victims head this morning what a site it was everyone laughing when it happened
by bluebear September 3, 2022
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when a girl sticks her head in the toilet, while receiving anal.

caution: may drown girl.
i gave steph an amazing swirly last night.
by JennAshSteph March 20, 2008
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1) A type of blow job in which the girl constantly tilts her head back and forth. 2) A local girl known for doing definition 1)
That bitch blows almost as good as swirly
by MBC April 2, 2003
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adjective used to describe people who are showing effects of GHB. Commonly followed by the word bitch, as in "swirly bitch"
We dosed and then got all swirly.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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you hear ski mask’s new song?

yea it’s swirly
by bruh91011 October 6, 2018
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a french-canadian-indian. whose words count for 3 different continents, thus is always right internationally.
That damn swirly is always coming in here with all the answers. I oughtta give him a black eye!
by Whoopi Goldberg April 26, 2007
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