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first year students in college, formal way of saying 'bottom of the food chain' or 'light weight'.

Freshmen usually travel in cluster groups. Said cluster groups are spotted easily, due to the large assortment of unnecessary school supplies in which the freshmen carries with them at all times.

Freshmen can also be mistaken for mentally challenged alcoholic gremlins. This is not a representation for all freshmen; however most of them fit this description accurately.
There is a very rare endangered species of freshmen. This breed is commonly known as 'that cool freshman'. That cool freshman is an individual whom most already assume are an upperclassmen due to their seasoned alcohol tolerance, common sense and ability to function off three hours of sleep without feeling the need to tell everyone about how tired they are.
'are those girls transfer here? i've never seen them before'
'no, they're freshmen'
'how do you know?'
'dude, they're both carrying three notebooks, sticky notes, pencil sharpeners and graphing calculators. nobody buys all that shit in college. one notebook and a pen is good enough.'
'oh, you're right! hey, did you invite that cool freshmen to the kegger tonight?'
'fuckin' right i did! the little bastard drank me under the table last night. he's crazy!'
by happypeanutssoar September 17, 2012
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Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

Person B: No, he wasn't a nutcase, that was just a psyop so the government could have an excuse to ban guns.
by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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Freshmen year.
You are the most hated grade in highschool and even if your grade is overall better than others, you will never been seen as that. Half of the time sophmores try to pick on you because that is what juniors did to them but it does not work because they aren't that much bigger than freshmen.
Sophmore: look its freshmen crouding the hallways!
Freshmen boy: shut the fuck up
by Fluffymistletoe April 08, 2016
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1. The new kids of a high school.
2. The ones you see scared and looking around the school trying to find their first period class.
1. Guy 1: Who are those kids?
Guy 2: They're fresh meat aka freshmen.

2. Freshmen: Excuse me but where is room 101?
by TnTbaby November 23, 2007
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The kids who are new to high school; often seen with backpacks that are three times the size of themselves, they take the longest routes possible to their classes, and they attract other freshmen. Once they have become comfortable with the high school society, they are usually the loud and obnoxious people screaming at each other and chasing their friends around the hall. Sometimes they get high school mixed up with middle school.
*really loud group walking down the hall*

Friend 1: "Why do they feel the need to be so freaking loud?"
Friend 2: "They're freshmen. Can't you tell by their backpacks?"
Friend 1: "Oh yeah...I remember when I was in eighth grade."
by sodonewithhighschool November 11, 2011
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A newcomer to High School some are shy and antisocial and want to stay out of your way. Others are mature and respectful and respect their upperclassmen but some are immature little shits!
Group of Sophomores having conversation at lunch and than a group of freshmen appear.
Freshmen 2: Nah you were gay and sucked your dads dick!
Freshmen 3: Guys please don't argue it makes me nervous
Sophomore: Shut the fuck up and go sit some where else kiddos.
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by EPICFRENCHFRIES February 08, 2017
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1. Something that should be beaten on a regular basis.
2. In the case of slutty freshmen girls, semen catchers that will do anything to be near superior upper classmen/human tissues
3. Human boners
4. Modern Day Slaves
5. No. 1 product of Orthodontists.
"Hey Eunice, git me mah beatin' styuck I'se gones done and spotted me a freshmen!"
"I keep getting boners during class, can I borrow your freshmen?"
"All ya'll hollah up yur hounds now we done fixin' to hunt me som' freshmen"
by St. TeShaun February 26, 2007
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