the part up the pants on the zipper that bends up when you sit down to look like a penis. Mostly occurs when wearing jeans.
Girl 1: How did it go with Johnny last night?
Girl 2: It didn't start off too good. When I walked in I thought he was really happy to see me. Turns out it was just a pants penis.
by Mr. Pants Penis September 25, 2009
Refers to the event of the zipper of the pants bending up giving the impression of a penis in a girl's pants.

Often occurs while sitting down.
Girl: Uck, I can't stand these jeans, they always give me a pants penis when I sit down!
by definitively October 24, 2009
The bunching up of one's trousers around one's pelvic area, usually involving the zipper giving the illusion that one has an erection.

Note: Can apply to women too. It is usually more humourous when it does.
Cindy, you totally have a pant penis!
Gimme a sec Brian, I gotta fix my pant penis.
by Loki 1337 October 16, 2007
Latex pants that mold around your waist and penis. The penis sticks out from the body but is still covered.
"These penis pants are cool, but they squeak too much"
by PatternOfChaos July 8, 2004
For girls- a pair of pants, that when you sit down, bend at the zipper area making the illusion of a penis bulge.
me: mom these jeans fucking suck!
mom: no they don't they're cute.
me: no mom look at this, they're PENIS PANTS!
by nbb October 25, 2006
When you sit while wearing pants, extra fabric in the crotch forms a fold that resembles a penis.
I need to pull my pants or else I’ll have a pant penis!
by Jeanne Mango October 1, 2019