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The look your mom gives you when you did something so stupid that all she can ask is "why?"
Son : After i stapled my finger to see if it hurt i got the mom look.
by mama_catt August 23, 2014
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The look you get when your boyfriend/girlfriend introduces you to their mom and you see the look of disapproval in her eyes.
I think my mom really likes you..... she totally gave me the mom look....i feel so ashamed.
by Paige-hey sarah i told you. August 21, 2014
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When you wife or girlfriend gives you that same look your mother used to when you were in deep doggie doo
I told an off color joke at the party and the wife gave me the "Mom Look"

Hey dude, I think you better calm down, your girlfriend is giving you that "Mom Look"
by I'm Joe Somebody August 24, 2014
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