Used to describe something that is hip, cool, or awesome.
"Dude, that is totally pelvic."
by Teh Espy July 11, 2005
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A slang term for orgasm, particularly a male orgasm, coined by YouTuber sam o’nella.
“They had the middle aged woman train the young boys in the old art of holding in the pelvic sneeze.
by Quietbox September 29, 2020
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1. Seduction; nothing more, nothing less

a. The act of seducing others with your magic stick
His fantastic boner power radiated from his ability to utilize his pelvic sorcery, going after what was definitely a sure thing.
by MSpicyboner August 5, 2014
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Sex so hard the pelvis is fractured or broken
I gave her such a pelvic pound, she is in the hospital for a week
by Deathbringer12 March 10, 2014
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Being related to somebody because you've both had sex with the same person. Related through the pelvic bone.
Timothy: I had sex with Jordan last night!

Kieron: Cool, I had sex with her last week, that makes us pelvic brothers!
by HunStarRaw March 3, 2011
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basically a penis but with ✨spice
his pelvic peperami was tiny
“omg tina u should’ve seen the size on his pelvic peperami”
by bageltoes December 7, 2020
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An uncommon, but highly appreciated, pleasure-extreme; the product of skillful, attentive and intuitive physical intimacy tradecraft.
Yah, baby! That's how it's supposed to feel...gotchu some pelvic fireworks right there; won't walk right for days!
by YAWA June 22, 2019
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