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A word only ever used by women over the age of 40 meaning to treat or indulging yourself in beauty (ie: nails, hair, spa).
"Sheryl!!! I took the day off work and the other mum's and had a bit of a pamper session"
"Sounds lovely Cathy, but where was my invite?"
"Maybe if you hadn't slept with my husband I would have invited you"
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes October 21, 2016
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A brand of children's diapers manufactured by Proctor and Gamble. Some of their products include Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Cruisers. By extention, they also offer a line of other baby products and products for pre-school and school-aged children that include Pampers Baby Wipes (formally Baby Fresh), Tidy Tykes wipes, Pampers Easy-Ups training pants, Pampers Feel n' Learn training pants and Pampers Swaddlers.

The term "pampers" is also used in the general form to refer to diapers.
1. "I think Pampers diapers are the best you can buy for your baby."
2. "Timmy needs his pampers changed."
by Lifesaver October 30, 2005
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A popular name brand diaper that hold shit and other body waste
Kiersten : I just can't decide which is better for my baby Pampers or Luvs?
Kaylee : Well ive heard Pampers can hold a ton of shit! (LOL)
Steve : I would suggest the Pampers myself I just love the way they hug my ass cheeks (see) plus they hold a ton of cum! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! See no leaks!
Kaylee : Wow Kiersten no leaks!
Kiersten : Yeah I will try to get that image out of my head! But at least the Pampers have his penis covered up I am so sick of him running around here naked!
Kaylee : Yeah thank god for jumbo Pampers!

Steve : Plus Pampers hold a lot of shit too! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! See no poopy run out!
Kiersten : Oh My God The Smell!!! It's so bad!
Kaylee : God Damn't Steve go change your Pamper!
by SlopNChop August 22, 2018
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Instead of taking a long shower before sex in the morning, simply wet a handtowel and clean the regions that will be in action.
Honey, something stinks down there, please go take a pampers.
by Topper April 26, 2004
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