Cas⋅ti⋅llo  /kɑsˈtilyɔ, -yɔ/ or kahs-tee-lyaw, -yaw


1. Classical def.:a common prostitute and/or woman of questionable virtue; likely of sea origin, adhering herself like a barnacle to a merchant ship's hull as it made it's way from port to port. Sexual favors provided therein spread disease and pestilence across the Mediterraean and nearly capsized Lisbon in 1643.

2. Modern/Slang: a succubus who will then either; a.) defile your sheets with excrement and obfuscate your personal possessions about the bedroom as a rite of passage among women of her sort; b.) leave you with temporary VD and steal your cereal.

3. Archaic: A ruffian; a floozy.


1645–Present; < L < Espana: act of depravity, despicable act of a sexual nature; < L < Portugal: slang use for fellatio with dogs or equivalent; n. use of fem. custallos, equiv. to a- a- 6 + -custallambros- (comb. form of brotōs mortal; akin to L mortuus dead, murder by sexual depravity) + -ios adj. RARE USAGE-present; < L < Trin./Tobago: a drunk who becomes flustered; often naked.

Other uses: slang term for a raw deal, as if being robbed by a 'hooker of pirate origin'; or rather "I was totally Castillo-ed by Rachel"
1.) "Poor Captain Valencia mistook a Castillo for a woman of gentry and has succumbed to the groin-plague."

2.) "I can't go out tonight, I'm drowsy, have to do laundry. Totally Castilloed."
by Daryl Dawson May 16, 2009
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