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Father. Mostly used by single welfare mother in inner cities or married women that never came across the word husband in the dictionary.
Anna: My baby daddy is coming today
Bill: Please, never use that term, ever. It makes you sound like a poorly schooled moron. And then you probably wonder why 'the baby daddy' was beating you on a daily basis.
by Anthony Jonathan June 02, 2007
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noun: spoken as one word, meaning "my baby's daddy." Heard frequently on "Judge Joe Brown," "Judge Mathis," and "The Jerry Springer Show." Used by illiterate people of all races and ethinicities, although most prevalent among blacks. A similar word set is "mybabymomma," meaning "my baby's momma," of course. Variations in pronunciation include "muhbebbidaddy" and "mabaybuhsdadduh."
Judge Joe Brown: So, Ms. Federline, who takes care of your children while you're out streetwalking?
britney: wail, they be either wit mah momma or over to they daddy's house, yer Honor.
JJB: Your mother and who?
britney: mybabydaddy. We broke up when he found out I was gonna give him another bastard child for him to not support.
JJB: Y'all are pitiful and I've heard enough!! Case Dismissed!
by earpuller October 05, 2005
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I can't remember the name of that thug I gave it up too and now I have a childless father.

Also, I have little respect for myself and even less for the poor little child I irresponsible brought into this world and doomed to poverty.
Yo I don't know who's my baby daddy!
by the voice of reason April 25, 2003
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