Father. Mostly used by single welfare mother in inner cities or married women that never came across the word husband in the dictionary.
Anna: My baby daddy is coming today
Bill: Please, never use that term, ever. It makes you sound like a poorly schooled moron. And then you probably wonder why 'the baby daddy' was beating you on a daily basis.
by Anthony Jonathan June 2, 2007
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I can't remember the name of that thug I gave it up too and now I have a childless father.

Also, I have little respect for myself and even less for the poor little child I irresponsible brought into this world and doomed to poverty.
Yo I don't know who's my baby daddy!
by the voice of reason April 25, 2003
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when having sex with a women without a condom, before you pull out she holds you in and yells be my babys daddy!
ex: frank:im gonna come, im pullin out
melinda: hell no, be my babys daddy!!
by rangle frangle September 13, 2009
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