you: "Dude, that game was tight last night" me: "frido"
by Hevans025 September 21, 2009
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A wanna-be Guido. Anybody with the hair, the sunglasses the pants, the fake tan etc. but doesn't live anywhere near North Jersey or Staten Island. This especially comes into play with a "guido" who is not actually Italian.
by Frido the Guido February 8, 2009
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the name of a slob that is in love with alex martinez but she won’t admit it. She also can fart up a storm if triggered by many bean burritos and SHES not afraid to let it RIPPPPP.
do you smell that?
Ew! Yeah I do it MUST OF been frido
Yeah it has her signature burrito smell
by Chonies22 June 6, 2020
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frido coming from the chips u eat meaning a cheesy italian
antonio banta is a frido
by dabeast12322 March 10, 2009
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