A guy that arrives just in time to get free food and then make a mess all over your house while telling you his latest terrible joke.
After Karate Derrick came over and Proctored all over my house. It took hours to clean up that mess.
by The Proctologister November 13, 2010
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Many Proctor offsprings have genes different to that of the parent, differing in skin colour. Proctors are usually an outgoing bunch and enjoy the easy life, some might say they are lazy. Food is their main companion and some could even say that a Proctor is indeed, a dumbass.
Teacher: What day is it today Proctor?
Proctor: 12am.
by Jizzabella May 20, 2008
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When an individual or several people engage in behaviour likened unto ADD or downsyndrome.
Omg he thinks that cheese curing is cool... such a proctor
by spasmodamorphism May 4, 2006
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A human. Usually a male who ends up fucking up a marriage because he gives you a certain look that makes you wet af. Next thing you know you're having an affair
Samantha: I'm in love with my husband!

A Proctor: *THE LOOK*
Samantha: ha ha lol what husband ;) ;)
by yourdaddy&lover June 26, 2017
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To starve ones troops in the game of Evony. To not let anyone know you are almost out of food. To miscalculate your food intake for Troops
Man, I proctored my troops again, oh...... I didn't notice how much food they were taking in. FML
by 214L December 8, 2009
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To make a blatent error in judgement or blundering mistake which benefits opponents or gives them an increased advantage in any type of competition. Derived from the 2006 Clemson University Football Team's quarterback, Will Proctor.
Dude, who's team are you playing for? You totally fucking proctored us!
by avl November 27, 2006
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the act in which an otherwise seemingly straight man being "flipped like a flapjack" into homosexuality, typically during an Army deployment to Afghanistan.
"he just got the shit proctored out of him"
by justin proctor May 18, 2010
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