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"An upper-class woman making her first appearance into fashionable society". It's a full-time job for a debutante to convince her parents she's as pure as royalty and chaste as a saint. In reality, everyone knows all the debs do is get fabulously drunk after!
"You walked up 5 flights of stairs in heels?!"
Duh! I'm a debutante
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes February 8, 2019
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A guy you use once and throw away - the perfect rebound
A hot lifegueard is the perfect rebound, use him once and throw him away- he's a Kleenex Guy
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes May 2, 2015
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A word only ever used by women over the age of 40 meaning to treat or indulge oneself in beauty rituals (ie: nails, hair, spa).
"Oh hello, Christil! The girls and I just got back from a much needed pamper session! "
"Sounds lovely Cathy, but where was my invite?"
"Maybe if you weren't screwing my husband behind my back I would have invited you"
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes February 8, 2019
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The sacrifice you make in the moment to stream a show while your computer is without anti-virus. Resulting in a shit-ton of malware and pop ups about dating Russian women and horse betting.
"Man I was streaming 'Brooklyn 99' yesterday even though my virus protection was down, and now I think I gave my computer an Online STD "
"Ugh thats shit man, have you taken it to the gyno"
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes October 8, 2016
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synonymous for “i’m a misunderstood 15-year-old in 2009”. My hobbies include; watching anime, attending cosplay conventions, and sketching in my notebook during class. XD can also be used in conjunction with “hehehehe”, as opposed to the more standard, and somehow much less awkward “hahaha”.
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes February 24, 2018
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