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A calm and relaxed person to the public, but behind closed doors a sexual pervert of the worst kind
That guy was weird, do you think he was staff?
by stusx10 April 24, 2015

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Used to describe a male or female who was once of a slim build,however, following the start of a serious relationship has become much larger. Usually due to comfort around the new partner.
Jesus luc, have you seen Evans?

Yeah mate, his new Mrs pulled the ripcord on him. He has inflated like a life raft.fat obese chunky monkey elenormous chubby
by stusx10 May 27, 2016

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A man's anus or rectum.
Owen pushed all he could fit into his Man-cave. The rest had to be swallowed. booty sphincter bottom naught ass
by stusx10 January 03, 2016

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A blow job between men. It's not gay, but is a consensual sex act involving only men
Owen often attended public toilets giving out a blowjon while his wife stayed in the car.
by stusx10 January 19, 2018

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Getting so drunk you shit yourself.
Castillo got pampers last night.
by stusx10 April 26, 2015

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When a white person has had too much to drink and believes that he is blac, then goes on a an anti racist rampage.
Man, James was so wasted last night that he went all 'who you calling boy'
by stusx10 April 26, 2015

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To stab someone and then rape the wound. Usually in prisons.
That Adam loves a good shiv rape.
by stusx10 January 21, 2019

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