24 definitions by stusx10

A hash tag that indicates you are going out in cycle gear to tour London public toilets to partake in cottaging activities while the wife thinks you are taking part in a sponsored cycle.
Owen is off to #ridethatlondon, his family are so proud.
by stusx10 July 29, 2018
When a white person has had too much to drink and believes that he is blac, then goes on a an anti racist rampage.
Man, James was so wasted last night that he went all 'who you calling boy'
by stusx10 April 26, 2015
I'm not sure about Luc, I mean he is Bowie isn't he.
by stusx10 April 26, 2015
When you wake up in the morning, after having your ass pounder, to find you have a prolapsed answer.
Adam woke up with morning gorey, he hoped Tyrone would push it back in again.
by stusx10 April 12, 2018
Taking a dump in a place other than a toilet.
Most people object to illegal loging, but it's luc's favourite hobby
by stusx10 August 16, 2018
Now Jon was 50, he had a lot of candles. Jon would be blowing the candle all night long.
by stusx10 January 10, 2018