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All the horrors of the world, compressed into seven JPEGs. Never meant to be viewed by mortal eyes.
You threw up when you saw Goatse? Just wait until you see the Pain Series!
by Freddy December 01, 2003
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The ultimate desensitizer available on the web. If you think you have seen shocking pics, you have seen nothing until your eyes lay upon this set of brutes. Goatse and Tubgirl are incuded, but nothing compared to its companions. I advise, if you thought the before-mentioned images were too much, do not look at the Pain Series. I warned you!
I just literally saw the Pain Series minutes before writing this definition. My blood has run cold and I feel silent. The world is not the same. God bless the Pain Series.
by Scyfersythe October 25, 2007
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Images that not only make you feel like a real man for your courage, but also make you feel sick.
Ugh, I felt kinda strong when I saw the Pains, but I also felt sick...
by Dot See Ex July 11, 2004
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Perfect material for masturbation. Also, the final boss of the internet. Easily found on Encyclopedia dramatica. From me and my friends personal experience, this collage contains tubgirl, several variations on goatse, harlequin fetus, several pictures of what looked like severe cases of herpes, a girl shitting into someone elses mouth, what looked like a man throwing up a large ammount of blood and several hentai fetishes. There could be more, but we couldn't stand to look at it any longer to scroll down through it. Not for the faint-hearted, not for those who are inexperienced with the true horrors of the internet. Used by the US government to torture war prisoners. Lol.
Practice with meatspin and lemonparty, work your way up to ogrish and 2girls1cup, get a taste for goatse and tubgirl, and then you MAY be ready.

If you can masturbate to the pain series, you are a god. Also, you deserve to die.
by REGGA April 22, 2008
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The ultimate weight-loss regimen.
The next time you feel the urge to grab a bag of Lays, open your browser to the Pain Series and your desire to munch on those potato chips will slowly drain out of you like coffee through a percolator.
by I love Bjorn March 20, 2008
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absolute disgusting pictures of absolute terror. should be a sentence, because the last thing a person wants to see, is the Pain Series. Can, Will, and Shall inflict inner pain, leave you with a short appetite for months, it'll scar you for life.
Judge: Well, i hate to say this, but i'm gonna sic the absolute worst sentence on your ass, and trust me, it will make you think about the things you did: One Glance, at the Pain Series
Criminal: Please, i can stand it
*Glances at the pain series*
by your best idiot May 08, 2010
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The Pain Series.

A horrific montage of painful photos; children should not comply. The Pain Series can ruin your senses, kill your eyes, and make you vomit.
Don't look at it. It's so mentally disturbing that 2girls1cup is almost at its equal. They made the Pain Series after goatse and tubgirl (along with tubgirl2) got boring and old... Originally for trolling on LJ.

But for brave souls...
In your url box, go to encyclopedia dramatica .com /pain...
goodluck. but please, you will never ever ever be the same. EVER.
hmmm. i is b0r3ddd. i go look up "painn" in t3h encycl0p3d!a dr4matic4!!

*20 minutes after pain series*

by iEllah July 31, 2009
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