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A life os senseless violence and self-destruction.
If you want to live a hard thug life, something is wrong with you.
by Scyfersythe December 28, 2007
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Some dickwads who apparently can rule what is metal and what isn't. They turn up their speakers and play their supposedly epic music, thinking that a ten on the volume is the most metal thing in the world.
ManOwaR is so metal. DId you see their speakers. It was on ten! Metal!
by Scyfersythe December 29, 2007
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A word that shows just how racist everyone still is. Only blacks have the right to say this word that shows "brotherhood." Apparently, us non-blacks, whoever we may be, cannot make our own "brotherhoods" apparent. If a black guy says it, the world is cool. If a white boy says, in the same context, he will be bludgeoned.
Example #1
Black dude: Whas happenin nigga?
Other Black dude: Not much nig.

Example #2
White boy: Whas happenin nigga?
Black dude: Aww hell naw, ya racist son of a bitch, witchur KKK hoods and shit.

Can't we all just...get along?
by Scyfersythe January 3, 2008
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Those assholes who won't give you the keys, despite the fact that you are fine. Also, the reason why you hate carrots.
by Scyfersythe October 27, 2007
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The man you must ask forgiveness from for having been created.
God is weird. Or non-existent. Probably the latter.
by Scyfersythe October 27, 2007
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The ultimate desensitizer available on the web. If you think you have seen shocking pics, you have seen nothing until your eyes lay upon this set of brutes. Goatse and Tubgirl are incuded, but nothing compared to its companions. I advise, if you thought the before-mentioned images were too much, do not look at the Pain Series. I warned you!
I just literally saw the Pain Series minutes before writing this definition. My blood has run cold and I feel silent. The world is not the same. God bless the Pain Series.
by Scyfersythe October 25, 2007
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Where senators go to end their careers.
The senator was reported to have had a wide stance in a public bathroom a.k.a. He's gay.
by Scyfersythe October 4, 2007
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