May God give this (n.) his blessing to continue to exist.
God bless this mess.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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Christian code for "Fuck off" when it's impolite to curse. Also see I'll pray for you.
Will you accept this pamphlet and also contribute to my money laundering tax dodge? No? God bless.
by purplesaurus rex May 20, 2020
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A term utilized to describe an action or an object that one deems a blessing from god, often used as a descriptor on social media posts to show off to one’s friends.
“Look, that dude posted a picture of himself in his kayak again saying ‘god’s blessings’!”

“That sunset is really pretty, it’s truly one of god’s blessings”
by Tube Feed October 24, 2022
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Use this statement after any insulting phrase and it takes any harm that would have been inflicted away.
by Virginia C May 3, 2007
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Something that dumb people say purely out of blind, naïve patriotism. Also something that dumb presidents might say as a cheap one-liner to get a standing ovation.
"Let's go to war and kill lots of innocent people... God bless America!"
by Jasco August 3, 2003
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Pet word said mainly by politicians and other power-thirsty species indigenous of the United States of America, often for pure demagogy, and based on the terribly false belief that "America" is synonymous with the USA, and not with the whole American continent. Less war and more geoography, for Fox's sake!
We are going to invade Venezuela because those bloody comunists have our oil, God bless America!
by Who cares February 15, 2005
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