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Perfect material for masturbation. Also, the final boss of the internet. Easily found on Encyclopedia dramatica. From me and my friends personal experience, this collage contains tubgirl, several variations on goatse, harlequin fetus, several pictures of what looked like severe cases of herpes, a girl shitting into someone elses mouth, what looked like a man throwing up a large ammount of blood and several hentai fetishes. There could be more, but we couldn't stand to look at it any longer to scroll down through it. Not for the faint-hearted, not for those who are inexperienced with the true horrors of the internet. Used by the US government to torture war prisoners. Lol.
Practice with meatspin and lemonparty, work your way up to ogrish and 2girls1cup, get a taste for goatse and tubgirl, and then you MAY be ready.

If you can masturbate to the pain series, you are a god. Also, you deserve to die.
by REGGA April 22, 2008

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The Pain Series' little brother. A prank commonly played upon unsuspecting noobs by hardened internet veterans. Contains goatse, a picture of a man stretching his anus to about a foot in diameter, lemonparty a picture of a grandpa gay orgy, and tubgirl a picture of a woman inside a bathtub shitting in her own mouth.
N00b: hey guyse whar do i dl haeps of mp3s for free?
e-Vet: Go to google, type in qqqqq and then hit I'm feeling lucky.
N00b: kk lol
(2 minutes later)N00b: WTF!! MAEK ME UNSEE IT!!!1
e-Vet: Haha, pwnd.
by REGGA April 19, 2008

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