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A guy that might be mistook for gay but is actually straight
Guy 1: That guy's a metrosexual
Guy 2: How?
Guy 1: He may look gay, but he actually hits on women
Guy 2: *while sticking tongue out* Ahhhhh,
by your best idiot March 28, 2010
If i met Shigeru Miyamoto, i'd be dazed, confused, and fall on my back

Name could possibly be anglicized as "Gary Meyers"
by your best idiot April 2, 2010
A paper you write before you die to be in effect after you die
i can not explain my Will just yet, it's not my time
by your best idiot April 7, 2010
known as: Shit, Crap, Arse Waste, Shite, etc...
the Poo list:

<The Factory> - when you eat too much and the poo collects, like a factory
<The Liquidator> - when you ingest a full few gallons of water, so the poop comes out as a liquid
<The Fiery load> - when you ingest hot food and the result is dry, irritating poop, rather than hot
<The Sweetcorn> - when you eat a lot of corn and not all of it has been absorbed, so the ones not absorbed are in, or around, the shite
<The Killa> - when you eat too much and the result can potentially kill you
<The Orgasmo> - when you try to shite, but end up shiteing with constant moans and groans, and then eject-ulate
<The Packed Snow> - after a wild night of having cum thrown into your arse, you shite white shite instead of brown shite
<The Grazer> - when the shite grazes your inside and you shite bloody shite
<The Bladdoshaker> - when you shite, but during the shite, you involuntarily take a piss as well
<The Bunny> - when you shite pellets instead of clumps
<The Wider one> - when your shite looks wider than it is long
<The Stranded> - when one shite is strung to another by a string, common to string eaters
<The Drinker's load> - when discarded beer mixes with your shite, turning it into a shade of yellow
<The Snake, The Spring> - when your shite coils up

i had to shit what making this list
by your best idiot April 20, 2010
when you get a tingly feeling of anger inside you that takes you over after someone does something bad to you, can range from telling to a full blow single-punch knockout
Dan: Dude, Jesse spat on me the other day so i knocked him out to teach him not to mess with a pissed man
Jake: Wow, how long was he out for?
Dan: 'bout 8 hours
Jake: Pissed Revenge if you ask me
Dan: now Jesse is afraid of me
by your best idiot April 17, 2010
some shit that major retailing companies for cleaning products do not say when they're advertising cleaning crap
Guy 1: I just bought this soap that says will kill 99.9% of the bacteria
Guy 2: what about the other 0.1%
Guy 1: ...does not say
Guy 2: and that's the point! those bastards have put out 99.9% bacteria-killing shit soap for years! well, the other 0.1% is that shit that won't kill, or gave shape, to that soap bar. 99.9% ungh, more like 9.99%, i used that soap, nothing changed in my system
by your best idiot April 8, 2010