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Black, ultra-spicy pizza
I went to order out for pizza, when I got the pizza, i put some black, ultra-spicy hot cajun sauce on the pizza, when i finished the pizza, i was blowing fire and sweating like hell when i ate the cajun pizza
by your best idiot May 16, 2010
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Iggy Koopa: |34(|< 0|=|=, 5|-|17|-|34|),1 |2|_|73! 7()() /\/\|_|(|-| 1337 \/\/1|_|_ |<1|_|_ `|4!
by your best idiot April 8, 2010
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when you think of somnething to do, but when you go to do it, you go "What was i gonna do again?"
by your best idiot April 24, 2010
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a circle with a cross, ya dumboes
if you put Ø over <object>, it means "No More <Object>" where <object> can mean anything
by your best idiot April 13, 2010
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A very weird where you shout (though it can be omitted) ULTIMATUM!!! and explain 2-4 scenarios, all have to be humiliating and/or violent.
Jake: Yo, man, i got this cool game! it's called Ultimatum! IT'S AWESOME!

Dan: Hey dude, Explain the rules!

Jake: no. Let's play! Didds, you start!

Diddy: K, Jake, will you: 1: take a long piss with the door open, 2: take the oath of ignorance, 3: go nuts for the week, and 4: smash sum priceless thing"

Jake: Woah, that's a tough one, choice... 1

Diddy: then you have to take the next piss with the door open

Jake: WHAT!?! People will see my ding dong!

Brenda: You Picked your fate! and you will have to do it once.

Diddy: And i forgot, it has to happen at a party, when LOTS of people are around
by your best idiot April 5, 2010
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1: Eating more than daily levels
2: Eating less than daily levels
1: Gluttony
2: Bulimia
that's Eating disorder fer u
by your best idiot April 18, 2010
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