Term for someone who's not family but is part of your close friends/ family
by Sorascans February 24, 2020
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means family, in Game of thrones the Khalassar is family.
You have never betrayed me, blood of my blood.
by Not a princess, a Khaleesi. February 28, 2018
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"Looking at the ground while she suck my blood "-lil peep
by Aciidprincess December 23, 2018
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What whats-her-face says when she tries to pose with a possum on her leg.
by Zizzy September 26, 2003
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means you r good friend, someone good for talking, laughing and hanging around
Cris: Thanks for your help! Trudell: No problem man, you are my blood!
by 1x2v3s September 4, 2010
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Derived from East End (London) gang culture in the 21st century, from organised crime factions such as The Firm or Yardies.
To boast about someone else's possesions or actions.
"You've got a nice car"
"Yeah, pump my blood"
by Dr. P. Robbins March 15, 2005
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When someone does something repulsive or revolting that causes a strange and unpleasant sensation at your very core.
She drank straight from cup after being with who knows how many men (or women). It just crawls my blood.
by Flipperoo February 1, 2014
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