Has similar meaning as "fortune favors the brave". Only those with courage and guts will be able to have amazing experiences. Someone with a "faint heart" - timid, nervous or fearful - would never be able to accomplish something difficult - like "fucking a wildcat".
Hey man, take a chance with that crazy golf shot to win the tournament, because a faint heart never fucked a wildcat.
by rootsdeepintheheavens August 30, 2017
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Letteralmente significa "non per cardiopatici", cioè per persone deboli di cuore, che pretendono una situazione facile da gestire.
Si associa a situazioni/azioni/fenomeni/cose difficili, non banali, ove sia richiesta una precisa e scrupolosa preparazione o attitudine.
Bunjee-jumping is not for the faint of heart.
Horror movies are not the faint of heart.
"Not for the faint of heart. If MASM is beyond you, take up server side scripting." (from www.masm32.com)
by the.reversengineer March 1, 2016
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A faggot-ass nigga that can't take no thing cause he just be a faggot-ass crying nigga.
"Nigga you shouldn't go see your mum these days... That's just not be for the faint-hearted".
"What you talking about man? I'm the man of the house and it's really been a while since".
"Nigga she be with a straitjacket on man. Shut the fuck up and stay home nigga. I'll just go again, just shut up. The doc can't take no more of your scenes man".
by troll803 March 7, 2023
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