A poor person who undergoes continuous financial burdens throughout life.
Yeah, that homeless guy going through the trash over there? See him? Yeah, he's a pov.
by PovBreaker7 January 16, 2009
Power of Veto on Big Brother. Allows the winner to reject a nominee for eviction and the current HoH gets to replace with a new nominee.
Winner: Dude! I just won PoV! I veto Kelly!
HoH: Fine, George is the new nominee.
by bbfan11 February 22, 2008
pathetic, lame, poor, sad, poverty
We just drove around Barnegat for 2 hours cause there's nothing to do. We are pov.
by Kimbo19 January 13, 2007
pass out victome the first person to pass out when smoking madd reefer
look at johnny he is a pov lets poot makeup on his face
by stonyMcBeth April 24, 2004
A pov is someone who is ridiculously poor that you want to kill them
by RD1 February 27, 2020