It stands for “point of view”. Povs are basically just really cool videos which you can experience in first person. Theres dumb ones and really cool ones. You can find em on tiktok with #pov lmao.
Have you seen that murder pov?
Yeah lmao felt so real
by Sara_gave_up February 5, 2020
POV” – Common term in fan fiction forums, meaning: Point Of View. This term is used, when writing a story from a particular character’s point of view.
“Wake My Up Inside - Travasty POV

Sickness - Aragorn POV”
by Fantesia Fauxfire May 3, 2004
The word used by the upper class to describe the lower classes. The characteristics of a pov include scabby clothes and are normally linked or are in poverty.
That girl is a pov she goes to state school.
by poshdan December 20, 2013
XXX This middle aged pervert goes to Thailand and pays to film prostitute's on video: POV
by Abg4me July 13, 2013
a thieving fucker who takes everything and anything whether or not is of value. The art of poving or to pov to those who indulge in a little five finger discountery
oi, you pov stop nicking my fucking lighter
by abattoir69 June 9, 2011
Someone/something poverty stricken, poor in appearance.
"Dude, that jacket is so pov."
by d3rt May 1, 2003
Pov means Porn On Video.
Check this POV on booble...awesome :P
by DJ JAYZ-S January 14, 2008