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Glamrock Freddy: "Way to go Superstar!"
Player: "You are our father figure."
TikTok: "Glamrock Freddy is literally a father figure."
by notnikii_ December 20, 2021
Ayaka: I need a house wife.
Thoma: Yea you called?
Thoma: I can do plenty of house work.
by notnikii_ May 27, 2022
POV meaning "Point Of View"
You're in school right now writing this "New word"
Its Period 4, Math, on December 3rd at 10:50 AM.
You're bored and just finished a test.
And because you're bored, you remembered that you forgot to write about this
in Period 2, Science. But now you're here.
And now you are bored.
by notnikii_ December 3, 2021