by MEDTALK April 27, 2009
"POV" is the acronym for Power Operated Vehicle.

A "POV" is a 3 or 4 wheel electric handicapped scooter.
The patient decided to buy a "POV" instead of a Power WheelChair for various reasons.

The Disabled person was using a shopping "POV" in the store.
by Legit-PWD February 4, 2011
Personally-Owned Vehicle; used by some Law Enforcement Officers with limited intelligence, major insecurities and no personality to refer to their personal cars who think they sound cool and very "official" when they use lame-ass "police jargon" acronyms and Code numbers in normal conversations. Used to presume a false superiority over "civilians" who they think are impressed by this.
TIP FOR THE LADIES: the smaller the officer, the bigger his truck. (it's like the Western Belt Buckle thing...)
"Dude, I wish I'd been in my POV when I stopped this Major Babe for blowing a red light today; she'd a been sooooo blown away by my Monster Truck, she'd give it up in a second!
by pIMP dADDY g June 11, 2006
an abbreviation for "point of view". In addition to its use as a device in literature (as described in a previous definition on this site) it has also become commonly used in pornography. With the rise of handheld video cameras and the spread of amateur porn on the internet, a whole sub-genre of pov porn has developed.

In a pov porn the man receiving sexual ratification holds the camera himself and aims it down at his genitals and the partner/s who is/are pleasuring him. This is in contrast to having a separate camera crew filming the action. The effect is to give the viewer the sense that he is experiencing the sexual acts he is watching as opposed to simply watching others as a voyeur.
I get so excited watching pov porn. I feel like I am really there and it's just me and the porn star!
by El Roberto October 30, 2005
A person that is or seems to be in poverty, generally seen as scum or scrounging people. They will generally do anything for anything. Whether they're wanting the last scraps of your left over meal, or picking up used staples for their staplers.
"Gabriel you're not having my food, you fucking pov!"
by Cunnydaboy November 9, 2016