what taylor swift says as an excuse after she writes a song about a girl.

its an incredibly lame and pathetic excuse but people still wholeheartedly believe it.
this excuse is primarily used after she writes a gay song but what she doesn't understand is that covering it up with the "male pov" card only makes it even MORE gay.
"this song, its written from a mans perspective, about getting your girl back after you let her down"
"this song is from a male pov about, y'know, just being open and stuff with your girlfriend and just this balanced and supportive relationship. i think if i was a guy id definitely be that person for her."
by shawtygotthafatty March 28, 2021
Born In Laos September 1, 1951
The First Hmong Song Writer & Composer.
He's Written Over 200 Songs.
The Famous Songs Are "Koj Nyob Qhov Twg/Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm" & "Siab Dub"
Lis Pov tug sau thiab hu nkauj los?
by myheadhurts3008 June 5, 2009
The type of porn filmed from the female point of view, used to see what women see when giving head or having the sex.
Tim - I watched a great female pov last night! I felt gay, but it's okay cause it was for research
by Vikingminn October 16, 2017
Infamous internet slang that is commonly used on Discord. Usually sent as the caption of a horrendous video. Videos such as "Booty Lounge", "Gaymix", and other videos of slander towards the individual, Karot. Pov: Karot // POSTED IN MY HOMIES LAP.
by Lon#8038 July 19, 2021
1. Short for "point of view". Commonly referred too as a category of porn that specialized in first person point of view.
My favorite type of porn is POV, its so in your face and intense. I like when the male records himself receive oral POV sex.
by Dodocheester November 22, 2013
pov gang
POV - noun , Pedophiles of Vietnam, Pussy or Vagina, or the most common "Pussies of Vietnam"

These "gang-bangers" originated in the 90s and were known for getting banged on by "OPB" and "CLB" so eventually they all ranked out and jumped into "NF". Some of the "POV" members still remain in their "gang" , but they are all pussies." This gang is so unorganized so they all decided to lay low and started smoking "shit" (aka- crystal meth) with "VT" known as the Vietnamese Tweakers." Eventually they all ran out of money so The remainder of their "gang" is all a bunch of pussies so they initiate teenagers from the age of 13-18 yrs old who occasionally loiters in front of "Volcano Tea." They recently recruited a bunch of fobs from "AFJ" to have a big group picture throwing up peace signs and blurring out their faces. This generation has became a disgrace to the Asian Gang banging culture. Nowadays these kids just date little girls from middle school, smoke shit, and so on.
Hey what are you doing this weekend?.. I'm going to an underage rolling/shit smoking party at POV's house.

Hey what happened to that fool from VT?.. He got locked up for possession of paraphernalia for the beneficial of his gang.

pov gang ishhh sho kewlll
by PowuhOfVietnameseTogettuhhh November 11, 2010
A poor or poverty-striken person who exhibits refined or snobbish behaviour in certain aspects of their life.
Hey, there's free coffee on the corner.
Is it roasted triple-filtered Colombian gold?
Fuck no, it's instant and FREE!
Sorry man, can't do it.
You're a real pov-snob
by arbitrary contrarian July 17, 2012